Our team of filmmakers, designers and programmers can bring your story to life across a variety of mediums: video, print, and interactive web/mobile.

many hats

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  • Explainers
  • Software Walkthroughs
  • Case Studies
  • Sizzle Reels
  • Promotional Videos
  • Naming
  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • HTML / CSS
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Android
  • iOS
A (Video) project walkthrough

A project typically starts with a couple emails and phone calls, where we get a sense of the story you want to tell. If it feels like a good fit for us, we try to absorb all the info we can about the project and your business, and then give you an idea of the creative options we think we could pursue.

scriptwriting (scripted stories)

Some clients already have a script they want to execute. Others have a blank slate. Either way, our writers can help edit your script or draft a new script that delivers your messaging in its simplest, most concise form. Clarity is always our first priority. We’ll share our draft with your team and together we’ll shape it into its final form.


If it’s a filmed piece, we’ll help you make decisions regarding locations, actors, teleprompters, make-up, attire, time scheduling, logistics, etc.

production (filmed piece)

Whether it’s an event, interview, product demo, training video, or narrative, most of our filmed projects are captured with small crews of no more than four people. We try to stick to a tight schedule but otherwise try to keep things informal and fun. And at the end, everyone involved gets an imdb page. Well, not really.


We typically start by sketching out every shot of film/animation–covering composition, movement, camera angles, and narration. For animated pieces, we’ll produce a few “style frames” that capture the film’s intended final look, so your team can get a sense of color, illustrative style, font choices, etc.


For complex animations, we’ll cut together a blueprint of the film using the storyboard sketches and placeholder music and voice-over. This allows us to confirm pacing and coherence before we set our animators loose. They’re like weimaraners. They’re just gonna take off as soon as we open the door.

post production

And look. There they go. Our animators and editors have busted out their Aeropresses. From here on, we’ll be supplying you with a scheduled delivery of cuts until we reach“picture lock.” Then we obsess over final details like color, effects and sound, all the way up to the export of our final cut.


We provide links to final files in whatever format you need. We’ll keep copies of all project files for up to a year (or longer, if requested) in case you’d ever like to revisit or repurpose the project.

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